Shirogakure (白隠れの里, Shirogakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Whites") is a hidden village in the Land of Wind , it's located south Sunagakure , it was founded by The First Shirokage, it's one of the lesser-known shinobi villages in the Naruto "twist" universe.

Founding Edit

It was founded when some Arab tribes settled in the village's location, They had married some Suna-Nin, having half-Arab; half-Japanese off-spring.

The Inhabitants Edit

The off-spring had chakra from their suna-nin parents, and strong physical body from their Arabian parents, therefore became very strong shinobis, some of them could outrun a horse, Shirogakure inhabitants were quite expert when it comes to live in a desert, thanks to their Arabian & Suna-nin parents, The Shirokage claimed that an Average citizen could survive for days without water -like a camel-, detect odors from long distances -like a coyote-, and see faraway objects -like a falcon-.

Signature Offensive and Defensive tools Edit

a Shiro-nin's average weapons are: sword, dagger, bow & arrow, spear. Almost every Shiro-nin wears a metal Armor, which is contrast to the five great nations' flak jacket, and a shield on the arm.