Original sin by nayzak-d5jz9on

Ahmed is the protagonist in this Fan-made series, He lives in Shirogakure, His Father died and was Adopted by The Shirokage,

Abilites Edit

Ninjutsu Edit

He wielded his Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Moon Release, He also wielded Metal, Fire, Water Release

Bukijutsu Edit

Ahmed had many weapons like: daggers, sword, bow & arrows...etc, his Signature weapons were: sword and bow & arrows. actually, his shield shifts to a bow, and his sword shifts to a quiver filled with arrows. so basically he use one at a time.

Hollowfication Edit

Ichigo hollow mask colored by GEKKO117

When Ahmed visited Karakura town, He was infected by Hollowfication, But Suprisingly, Controlled his Inner Hollow within 10 minutes, When he summons his mask, We see that his mask is entirely white, two circle-like holes for the eyes, with grinning teeth, and a crack above the left eye's hole